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A warm welcome to the Time Machine Funtington Centre. Here everbody gets to explore (under your own steam), experience, experiment ...enjoy..enterprize.. reflect, risk, reduction, refine.. improve, invent. Learn life skills and new techniques, like capturing living history in 3D or hire the center for your own event.
Occupation, projects, a hands-on approach where you open items up, take them apart and explore the science and engineering inside. Seeing and understanding the technology hidden within every-day objects, transforms the way you view the world and potential within you. Relating this to the natural world, outside gardening and wood skills, we show how science, technology and nature come together. A natural catalyst for a million ideas and beyond.

Semi Finalists of the NESTA waste reduction challenge, 25 years reasearch into the concept of the Natural Economy (Task Orientated Methodology), we look to natural ways to improve planet life. At the center, wonderful technology, science and engineering that has totally changed the society we all enjoy. Forward, 21st century thinking; sustainability at design stage. All stages together; manufacture, purchase, use, extended use, re-use, disposal and finally product digestion back into the material bank, ready for the next harvest, 'The Natural Economy'. The concept of a product chain, like a food chain and natural transition of life stages towards product digestion and decomposition. Natural evolution of the best by re-balancing reward naturally.

We cater for all, any age (4 to 104 years old) or ability, you might want a special event organised or a workshop developed, tailor-made inside/outdoor events, school visits, parties, workshop or presentation for you, your group or organisation.
Dont assume it can not be done, everything possible in TimeMachineFun, all you have to do is make contact.
A statement from the Press Officier, Kyle Bosworth: I see clearly now what The Clock Trust does by way of its Time Machine, it provides creative oppertunities to all, its that simple. From what looks complex and a million ideas boils down to something quite simple, Paul has cherry picked out from his million ideas the very catalyst that forms the next generations' million ideas.
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