Welcome to The Time Machine Funtington, a summary of what we do:
Tailored Workshops, allowing you to explore, experience, experiment, enjoy, enterprize, take risks, reflect, reduce, refine, improve, invent, innovate, communicate, market & film in 3d. 
You can hire an Experience: Corporate Event or Meeting Space, Christening, Weddings, Anniversary to a 3d family photo.
Buy up-cylced items and components for your projects.
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Press Officer, Kyle Bosworth: "It took a while, but I clearly see what The Clock Trust does at the Time Machine, Funtington, it provides creative opportunities for all and facilitates people reaching their potential. From what looks complex and a million ideas boils down to something quite simple. The founder has cherry picked, from his million ideas, the very catalyst for the next generations' million ideas, in such a way that when these unfold, it is inclusive and embraces 21st century thinking, what he calls the natural economy. Considering he is dyslexic, he seems to bring words together, which allow you to explore your values and what motivates you."
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